Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 1

So today marked the start of a new year of Village! We had quite a few returning veterans as well as some new faces (which is so nice!).
We started the morning off by playing some name games as well as the classic WAH! After getting acquainted with one another, we headed on down to our new outdoor song area.

We sang some excellent Village songs including: Llama Song, Jibberish Song, Eddie Kuchakachakama, and a brand new song: Hippo Song! We did great on our first run, though our campers are definitely working on recharging their batteries so we are going to be expecting some very loud singing as this week continues.

This year also marks the inclusion of some veteran Homsteaders as Commissioners-in-Training: Harley and Cedric. Their peeps did a great job showing us around the beautiful property. Many questions were answered with many "We'll tell you later"s. Intrigue and mystery.

After a lot of explaining and adults talking, we ate. Then we swam! Then we ate again! We like food quite a bit.
So refreshing. It will be even hotter tomorrow!
Now is the point where the creating finally began. After learning about scale for our peeps (we play on a 1:24 scale, so 1 human inch is actually 2 peep feet), we brought the biographies we created this morning to life! Some peeps currently lack arms and feet, that will be fixed. Be sure to check throughout the week as we upload biographies of Peeps that have been introduced to our group.

Our second to last task for the day was Corvee! Corvee is a French term that comes from a period in the Medieval ages where the lower class peasants would do public works projects for the rich folks. Corvee for us, is basically cleaning up after ourselves. Everyone becomes much more aware of the impact of their messes when corvee comes into play. When we finish our individual chore, we absolutely always help someone else.

We were wise to save the toughest task for last, the acre stringing! After the Homesteaders all signed the Proprietary Rights Agreement which ensures that the owner of the land, Sandy, will have her property returned to her in the exact same condition as it was left in before we arrived (with shorter grass).  The stringing was very chaotic and exciting, but mostly chaotic! Our town boundaries are about 1/3 field, 2/3 wooded area. Mini-Fair is going to be interesting.

- Stringing the acre!
- Village started!
- Peep building
- The whole day
- Swimming

- More respect from listeners
- Longer swim time
- CTF!
- Finish peeps!

Rest up, bring a bottle to hold lots of water for tomorrow!