Hello! Ich heisse Jordan. I teach Social Studies to 7th and 8th grades at Flood Brook School in Londonderry, VT.I love playing guitar and soccer, and am a big fat bookworm (slug?). I woke up one morning and said, "Leisure time is silly! Who needs that?!" and decided to take my chunk of summer freedom and invest it all in the wonderful world of Village. This is my third year playing, and I am sincerely looking forward to 5 weeks of community, creativity, and craziness! 

"You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose!"

- Dr. Seuss "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"
This summer we have some new and some returning faces....

Jordan Hicks Director of Village '14.  

If you have any emergencies or changes this summer, Jordan will be your contact person.


Jesslyn Mullett
Currently teaching math and science at the Marlborough School, Jesslyn is an avid gardener, enthusiastic adventurer and a wonderful singer!


Gretchen Allen
There once was a girl named Gretchen,
She finds colors to be quite fetching.
She loves all ways to move
Very best is to groove
And often you'll find her out stretching.....
Her imagination.

Old Virginia is where she came from

Melting ice cream she feels in a shame
She's excited to play
Game of Village, everyday
2014 will be a year of great fame!


Gabriel Belluscio
My Name is Gabriel Belluscio.  I am going to be a senior in college and I am going for a Music Education degree.  I play Saxophone and clarinet and enjoy improvisational acting and singing loud and out of tune.  I enjoying climbing trees all the way to top and swimming under water till I have to come up for breath.  I like to read a good book and look at the stars late at night.  My favorite food is smoked salmon and I like dreams more than sleep.


 Cedric and Harley will join us as CITs this year!!!

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