Peeps of Little Leaf
Photos to come . . .

Richard: AKA Sam
Richard is random. His parents ditched him on a beach when he was two. He likes water, and finally escaped the beach after years . . . and years . . . and years. Richard has been very quiet in the town as of late, working on a massive home. He's a fit old man. Age: 1,002

Alex: AKA Victoria
Alex is an extremely intriguing and mysterious Peep. It has not stated a particular gender, and we do not believe it is of this Earth. The rest of Alex's life is a secret. Another very mysterious and quiet Peep, we should keep an eye on her for any sketchy alien behavior. Alex is currently building a home that is partially made of glass. Don't throw rocks. . . Age: 3

Morgan: AKA Lula
Morgan owns 3 tigers, they all have "mental and physical things going on". She finds that tigers are the easiest to train, their names are Hazel, Isaac, and Augustus. Though her face is covered in scratch marks, Daniel Radcliffe is the husband of Morgan. She manages the radio station. Morgan, being a very busy tiger owner, has offered to take control of the Little Leaf government alongside Johnny Dark. She has proven to be a compassionate leader so far . . . Age: 21

Luna Lovegood: AKA Fallon
Luna loves nature, which is good because our town is in the woods. She absolutely hates when the environment is destroyed, she can likely be seen tying herself to trees in construction sites. Luna Lovegood is an extremely fast builder, her house is on the land as of Day 7. She works at the bank, a place where nobody appears safe these days. Age: 15

Wes: AKA Eathan
Wes is Australian, and clearly loves animals. His favorites are the big scaly things, or basically anything that crawls or freaks people out. He loves them so much that he owns a store dedicated to pets, and would much rather hang out with some snakes and lizards than Peeps. He is also co-editor of the newspaper! Age: 23

Emerson: AKA Katie
While she has just reached her 20's, she feels like a million years old (don't we all). Her parents don't like her, and they actually died. She was born on the side of the road, has replaced teeth. There's a lot of other really interesting things about her but I need a translator to read this writing. Age: 20

Patrick L: AKA Jack L
Patrick is also very mysterious, all we know right now is that he lives in the woods and is one of our new co-editors of the newspaper, he was mysteriously absent in the town meeting to establish oligarchy, and can be seen photobombing commissioners. Age: 21

William: AKA Jared
William appears to be quite the intellectual, and can sometimes be a very judgmental Peep! His smarts lead him all sorts of directions. I see an entrepreneur in the making. William was the main Peep who called for a meeting to further re-examine the usefulness of an anarchy in this community. A true revolutionary. Age: 25

Johnny Darke: AKA William G
This will be simple. He is dark and mysterious. Also, I'm pretty sure he wants to take out the Feds. Suspicions confirmed, Johnny Dark has seized control of the government alongside Morgan. They will be ruling as oligarchs, unelected though seemingly in tune with the community's concerns. Age: 26

Connor: AKA Jack G
He is in hiding from the Feds. NOT ANYMORE! Connor has taken a stand against Johnny Dark in a movement to establish a theocracy.  Age: 23

Guntha: AKA Paisley
He is in hiding (this is getting suspicious). He hails from the forest, and was mysteriously attacked by a suirrel so he almost has no arms left. He is half dark elf (the kind that doesn't make Christmas presents possibly).

Ian Earl Lee: AKA Latham
Pronounced (Eye-an), Ian is always happy for the most part. That is great to hear, because so many Peeps have such tragic back-stories! Age: 36

Jake: AKA Ewan
Jake is in a wheelchair, but not because of his old age, he was in the Korean Peep War. He suffered a grenade accident and lost his leg to a squirrel (another war perhaps). Age: 104

Abby: AKA Jaimee
Nine years ago, Abby's father tried to force her to marry someone, so she ran away. She ended up in Italy and fell in love with a Peep named James. They got married and five years later had a child named Jimmy. She wanted to explore, so she left home and ended up here in Little Leaf. Age: 29

Abby's soul lives on in a mysterious black orb.

Max: AKA Jasmine
Max used to work at a pet store, but his face was attacked by either a big bird or the Big Bird, so he quit. Age: 26

Caleb Chase: AKA Lily
He is Russian, and his father was attacked by a giant Russian squirrel. She moved to Kenya where it sounds like her mother succumbed to the same fate as her husband, death by squirrel. Age: 32

Jenny: AKA Elizabeth
Pronounced (JENNAAAY), Jenny comes from the beautiful land of Appalachia. She grew hair at lightning speed within a matter of 2 days, and now looks wonderful. Age: 26

Felix: AKA Will S
Felix more or less has no idea where he came from. He was born in the forest, and wandered here. It appears he may have suffered a fugue state. More to come. He is very talkative at meetings!

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