Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 12!

So much rain!

We had our first indoor circle of the summer. Gabe's morning energy was saturated with all the water falling from the sky, and we all enjoyed his entertainment while we waited for the group to gather. We also played telephone (pssst.... banana bread tastes better with Eeyore!). We learned a new song about acorns and made some round of pop, trash, chips.
Snack Time!

Jasmine helps Max create amazing rugs!

I thought anarchy was over?....

Thats right, I'm wearing my house around my neck. 

We stand in a lot of circles. This time it was to find out what everyone was doing!

The rain persisted all morning, we worked inside, snacked inside, and swam inside. What? Well, we flibbiteded. Blackjack was played and pets were created. That pesky murderer showed up again for a couple rounds of killer, and then he started stealing the Prince of Paris's hat. After an hour of fun flibiting, we ate lunch and circled up for a special visit from Bobby Kennedy!

It turns out, Bobby Kennedy is VERY tall, AND has an incredible story about stepping away from the oligarchy he was born into to pursue a participatory democracy for the benefit of all! The assassination of his brother John was a life changing moment for him. Bobby was able to answer a lot of really great questions asked by the peeps. Such as "Can any form of government be used for good? Or evil?" "How does voting work in the USA and what's up with the electoral college?" "What are some examples of oligarchies throughout history?" Loyal supporters of Little Leaf's oligarchy threatened to arrest Bobby if he spoke to harshly against oligarchy in general. Good thing he was pretty objective.

After being sufficiently inspired, it was back to work!! The hot glue scarcity continues to be an issue, although glue sticks keep popping up around town. Curious. Peeps still managed to continue making fantastic furniture, including a plush fur-lined bed. Last nights rain put everyone's houses to the test, and lots of creative modifications have been made as well. As always, new victories occur everyday. Owen's handy dandy high tech nailing bench saved the day and helped peeps finishes houses. The building of a cardboard model revealed a new design solution. We are all moving towards our goal of having all homes on the land this Friday!

The sun showed up for the afternoon, so we went outside to play what are you doing on the wet grass. What were we doing? Tying two hippos together, playing dodgeball with Zeus and eating live cows. We finished up with another round of Look Up, Look Down, where campers try to meet the eye of another person across the circle. Nothing like ending the day with spontaneous eye contact!

What Are You Doing
Political Speaker
Gabe Entertainment
Prince of Paris
Good Sportsmanship
Being Respectful to guest
Fishing house
Having a plan for campfire

Cookies and Rainbows
Being Outside
Finishing projects

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