Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 17

Mini-Faire is officially just 8 DAYS away. The End-of-Camp Auction is just 9 DAYS away. It's hard to think of much else than how much fun those last two days are going to be. This morning we sang Tin Soldier, Coffee Song, and I'm certain there were others . . . Anyways, morning announcements included:

Professor Wes
- CCC Animal Expert Class: Wes' human, Eathan, is very knowledgeable about the animal kingdom and spent the better part of the morning teaching the group that signed up all about reptiles, fish, and birds. We found out how snakes are able to expand to eat big ole deer, why they call some birds "raptors" when they are certainly not dinosaurs (they're cousins, by marriage?), and how big a Megalodon was. The answer is GIGANTIC.

- APPRAISALS: Today was our first appraisal. We checked out Patrick L's sweet property complete with a patio and zipline, and each gave him an appraisal based on his landscape, interior, exterior, and security. This didn't happen until the afternoon just in case there were some last minute additions that he needed to make.

The morning work block kicked off nicely. Almost all of us are now in Mini-Fair mode, brainstorming and designing some awesome rides. They're all top secret right now so you'll have to come down to see all of the wonderful miniature foods, rides, and exhibits prepared by the Homesteaders of Little Leaf at 4PM NEXT THURSDAY, JULY 31ST. Much of these upcoming entries will be very cryptic in order to keep secret all of the excellent work that is being done this week.

We ate snack, we ALL went to the pond, and then we ate lunch. Lunch should just be the entire afternoon. But it can't, because then we wouldn't have time to appraise Patrick L's treehouse. We all got our little rubrics, headed down to his property, and practiced appraising a demo home, then went to work. This didn't take too long, likely because it was very buggy, and very hot. We all ran back to shade and got back to work on our morning activities. Morgan quit the radio station, her employees are clearly just too difficult to manage at this point. The FED may need to step in . . .

Corvee took super long, I think we all just like cleaning way more than we like playing games. Remember this when you ask your child to do chores. They love chores.

Coming to Village
All day


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