Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 21

If yesterday's theme was wet, today's theme was sunshine. Sunshiny weather, sunshiny houses, sunshiny projects, sunshiny games.

And sunshiny singing. Actually we started today by singing about our fantastic sun. Without it, without a doubt, there'd be no you and me. We took in all of the sun's energy and sang about a sad Tin soldier, a pirate with missing parts, mountain dew, and last but never least... the great ship Titanic.

Then we all headed to Little Leaf for the long awaited, much anticipated appraisals. Each homesteader was responsible for rating the landscape, interior, exterior, and home security of every peep house. Including their own home, that meant visiting 17 houses and scoring each category out of ten. That's a lot of work! It was also a lot of fun to visit each home and take time to appreciate all of the hard work that went into it. The only thing missing from this morning's appraisals was... well... the sun. It was actually a bit chilly in the shady woods. Is it still summer?

Anyway, after the grand tour it was up to the peep loft for MATH! and SHARING! A great shuffle took place, as the homesteaders sorted out their appraisal sheets, getting the score cards into the hands of the appropriate peep.

At this point it was time for a break.... snack break! Which we then followed up with several rounds of sharks and minnows (we needed a break from CTF).

Once that was accomplished, we were ready to start again and we found the median of our house ratings (not the mean - it's tricky but that won't get you what you want). Then we turned our final number into the math wizards (Jesslyn and crew) who determined the worth of each house. The final step was a whole lot-a checks written out to each peep for the value of their home. Score! (Time to get that pesky loan off my back.)

Whew! What a morning! You might think that after all that, no one would be interested in any more numbers. Not So! There was a chat over lunch about multiplying that was SO rousing... it became a plus.

No rest for the weary - or eh - energized. Either way we got back to work. Glitter was flying, scissors were cutting, brain wheels were buzzing, and the thumb piano college course held a reunion to finish their instruments. The work was interrupted briefly by some sober news. Canti gurna's (who had been missing) was found. However she was found in many pieces having recently been run over by a lawn mower. Her husband was upset, but happy to have closure.

As per usual. We ended the day with cleaning and more playing. We tried out a new one, (Hello Hairy Chicken?) but we had a slow start. We went back to old faithful with a twist. Sharks and Minnows where the Sharks make all the rules!

Only one more work day till Mini-Fair Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharks and Minnows (with and without crazy rules) x many 
Painting (for a cause)
Math Session
High Appraisal
Finding Peep

Finish projects
No bug bites
Summer weather for swimming
Finding peep in one piece

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