Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 22

Intergalactic Girl!
It's Mini Fair Eve! I just have to say, while I dearly miss the political sport involved with the Little Leaf oligarchy, seeing all of these Mini-Fair preparations come together completely makes up for it!

The excitement is mounting. We starting out by offering up our support to one another by singing - Lean on Me. We also sang the Done Song and the Cheese Song and the good old Llama Song. After we swam we all shared our plans for our super hero costumes and rides. SO much to look forward to! ;)

We switched things up today because of the wishes for swimming. We saved play block for the end of the day and plowed through two work work block blocks to start the day. We could barely pry our hands off our projects when it was time for snack. Just one more cut, one more stitch, one last bake in the oven, one more nail! We have a lot of teams working on Mini Fair projects together, and lots of creative ideas.

The Federal Mint: Hooray for inflation!
We snacked and soaked up some sun and got right back to work. The other big item on the agenda was finishing money for the fair. Minting actual leaflets. There was a lot of turn over at the Mint and now as we get close to the wire (down to the wire?) we are lacking small bills. We will either need a lot of big spenders or some very busy Mint employees tomorrow. For the record - minting money is a great way to earn money!!! Which is important as loans get paid back and we start looking forward to auction.

Emmett it's Corvee time, get off your back!
After lunch - we opened up a lot of possibilities. Keep working (so dedicated!), take a trip to visit the stream (exploring!), and playing games (gotta move!).

After a hurried Corvee and one word pluses and wishes, we all went home for a good nights sleep where visions of happy peeps fly across our dreams.

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