Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 18

Day 18! Today is the second to last day of Village-related government happenings! After Friday, we are going to be more or less in full Mini-Fair prep mode. This morning we started off the day by singing the Jeep Song, Lean on Me, Bonnie Song, and Eddie Kuchakachakama. Our morning announcements were very important, and included:

BIRTHDAY BASH!: While this will not be at Village, it is without a doubt a very Village-y event. Everyone from camp is invited to Ewan's birthday party Monday @ 4, right after camp at his house. Directions and additional information has been e-mailed and Facebook messaged, if you need it sent again please let me know! There will be hot dogs, CTF, and hopefully cake!

Job Talk . . . : We had a talk about what some options managers have when their employees are not following directions other than just firing them. There are so many more rules than just playing music or giving checks to the bank. Several Peeps were replaced as managers, and Alex took up the responsibility of many of these jobs.

So much Magic
Currency: We don't have any real dollars, which has been great for buying things and not needing change carried around everywhere. However, we also won't have any money to exchange at the Mini-Fair! A FED Mint Manager job was offered, and promptly given to Guntha, who worked with Caleb, Morgan, Luna, and others to start printing our cash currency today. They still don't have the required 5 foot tall stack . . . We'll see.

Morning work block went very smoothly as plenty of Mini-Fair attractions are being designed and built. There are so many Homesteaders who do not have ideas yet, get crackin'! There have been some great ideas, and some not so great ideas that need a little bit of work before they can come to fruition. Peep furniture is being built for the auction, and as long as we make a bunch of money at the Mini-Fair, we will have some amazing items to sell, as well as some great CAMPERSHIPS to offer next year!

We had snack in the slightly chilly shade today, and determined very quickly that nobody (Victoria, put your hand down) wanted to go swimming. So we didn't! Democracy is amazing. Instead we played some Sharks and Minnows, Elephant Kangaroo Giraffe, and ENTOURAGE! There was also a miniature Magic session at the fire pit.

After lunch, the second work block felt less like work and more like loud noises coming from the radio station. Signs were painted for Mini-Fair attractions, ferris wheels were hammered into oblivion and then reassembled with new paint, and super secret attractions were glued together very very carefully.

Do not miss THE MINI FAIR because we have an amazing clothing theme for Homesteaders this year:

Obviously superheroes are real, so these are going to be the ones that don't exist, like Captain Chicken and Bad Grammar Girl. Captain Canada is real, unfortunately for Reginald. Find your old cape from those vigilante days, dust it off, and come down to the Mini-Fair, July 31, 3-6 PM @ Center of Nelson

Painted my sign
CTF trickery
Mini-Faire ride
Ripped pants, so ripped

Cookies, Rainbows, AND Unicorns
I had trimmed my nails . . .
That the clay allowed us to fix the cob oven. Way to go, clay.
MORE Mini-Fair projects

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